Ten-Ups Program Overview


Eights to Twelves   Eights to Twelves

Ten-Ups Program Description

Ten-Ups have the option of registering for a Homegroup or a Specialty Camp, Musical Theater Workshop or Art Studio (Session 1 only).  Children in the Ten-Ups are going into fifth, sixth, seventh or eighth grade in the fall.

The camp day for 10-Ups is 9:00am-4:00pm Monday through Friday. Registration is by two-week sessions.  The camp program for children in the Ten-Ups includes organized activities and outdoor time with their Homegroups, Choice Classes which they select according to their interests, and weekly field trips.

When registering, parents choose a Homegroup for their child. A Homegroup is a consistent place, team of teachers, and group of children that meet over the course of camp.

Homegroup Time

Homegroup time  Homegroup time

Homegroup room doors open at 9:00am. Activities are set up throughout the room in order to engage children in the beginning of the camp day. The camp day starts with a Morning Meeting shortly after 9:00am. Since campers come from many different schools, Morning and Afternoon Meetings are focused on activities that help them get to know one another and to build a sense of community.  Meeting time may include games, a chance to share thoughts and ideas, and a discussion of the camp day.  Other activities with the Homegroup include “Think Tank,” an opportunity for campers to generate group projects, In/Outdoor Games and Arts and Crafts.

A healthy, tasty lunch is served in the cafeteria Monday through Thursday.  Following lunch, recess takes place at Houston Ballfield, Downing Street Park, in our Physical and Performing Arts Space, or in Homegroup rooms.

Choice Classes

Choice Classes   Choice Classes

Campers select three choice classes which meet for an hour each on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for the course of a two-week session (indicated on the schedule as Choice Class A, Choice Class B, and Choice Class C).  Tens-Twelves campers also have the option to choose a Double Block class (during blocks B and C) to allow for a more in-depth exploration of a topic. Past Double Block classes have included Studio Art, Sculpture, and Robotics. These classes are open to all children in Eight/Nines and 10-Ups Homegroups.  Classes are taught by Specialists, Heads, and select Associate Counselors.

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Camp-Wide Wednesday Activities

Camp-Wide Wednesday Activities  Camp-Wide Wednesday Activities

Campers of all ages gather on Wednesday for a camp-wide activity such as a game or song, followed by mixed-age activities.  Campers may choose to participate in activities such as capture the flag, a clowning workshop, a sculpture project, or making a camp-wide disco.  This is a fun opportunity for children in different Homegroups to get to know each other, as well as for siblings to spend time together.  The second Wednesday of each session is a camp theme day such as “Block Party” or “Intergalactic Cafe” .  In addition to camp-wide activities related to the theme, each Homegroup decides how they will participate in the theme.  Wednesday afternoons are set aside for extended Homegroup projects, collaborations between groups, and activities related to the theme day.

Field Trips

On Fridays, the Eight-Ups travel by air-conditioned charter bus to locations such as the Bronx Zoo, Coney Island, Aviator Sports, Governor’s Island, and Liberty Science Center. Our goal is to choose trip locations that give campers a chance to be active and in as much “green,” natural space as possible.