Comic Book Creators

Comic Book Creators is offered to campers ages 10-13 during Session 2: July 8 – July 19

Camp Season Program Description

Comic books, graphic novels and even comic strips are all great storytelling methods that allow artists and writers to tell exciting stories in a visual way.  If you have an interest in drawing or writing comics then this will be an exciting opportunity to learn more about how these books are created, and a chance to make your own!  Are you a comic reader? Come try your hand at scripting, inventing characters, learning how to compose panels and pages, how to ink and color pages, and some of the digital techniques that brought your favorite books to life.  Campers will have the chance to work with traditional and digital tools and materials as they work towards making their own characters and stories, and ultimately work towards making their own issue of an original comic. Some of the exercises may include drawing thumbnail and model sheets, learning different drawing perspectives, creating dialogue, working with exciting figure poses, developing a personal style of comic drawing, introduction to storytelling methods, layout and inking of comic pages, working with watercolor, and some basic Photoshop for digital drawing and coloring.  From Manga style to classic heroic figure drawing, all styles and levels of experience are welcome!

Daily Schedule:

Time & Location
Comic Book Creators Specialty camp takes place at our Sixth Avenue campus (272 Sixth Avenue).  It meets Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm.  A hot lunch is provided Monday-Thursday; we ask that campers bring a bag lunch on Fridays.

Field Trip and Friday Share Schedule:
Comic Book Creators will make chaperoned off-site trips as dictated by the needs of their individual and group projects.
Additionally, on the first Friday of the session, students will join our Tens-Twelves & other Specialty Camps on a Field Trip via air-conditioned coach buses.

Field Trip Schedule 2019

Session Two:
Friday, July 12th: Improv-4-Kids
Friday, July 19th: Urban Air Trampoline Park

Teacher Bio
Jeremiah Demster
 is the middle school art teacher for the 5th and 6th grade at LREI. He is also the coach of the middle school Robotics team. He has worked LREI and Summers at LREI since 2011. Previous to this position Jeremiah taught a combined age 12-14 Montessori middle program with a heavy emphasis on marine biology and diving on the island of Maui. He has been teaching since 2006. Jeremiah has also been a part of AmeriCorps in outdoor education instruction, and an adventure counselor for the YMCA in New Hampshire, specializing in outdoor education and ropes instruction.  Jeremiah holds a MS in Teaching Methodology from the University of New England, and a BFA in Fine Arts from Endicott College, as well as a Montessori teaching credential from the Houston Montessori Center.

Preseason Clinics

All Preseason Clinics will run from 9am-2pm, Monday-Friday, at the cost of $500 for the week or $100 per day.

Campers are asked to bring bag lunches each day that do not contain nut or seed products and do not include glass containers.

Preseason Basketball Clinic Program Description

Summers at LREI offers a one-week Preseason Basketball Clinic. This program helps players, ages 10 to 13 to develop their basketball skills, and compete against each other in games.

Training will include:

  • Shooting
  • Passing
  • Dribbling and Ball Handling
  • Rebounding
  • Hand/Eye Coordination
  • Defense and Agility
  • Athletic Stamina
  • Footwork
  • Teamwork
  • Strategy

Register for the clinic basketball here.

Preseason Soccer Clinic

Summers at LREI offers a one-week Preseason Soccer clinic. This program is a week long training camp that works on individual player skills and game scenarios in a fun and competitive environment.  Through a combination of drills, challenges and games players will be encouraged to be creative and take risks with new skills to help them grow technically and to develop a personal style as a unique player.  There will be a focus on growing all aspects of one’s game and being a well-rounded soccer player, and participants will be given techniques and strategies to continue to improve on their own as much as they are motivated to.

Some areas of focus:

  • Individual defending
  • First touch & ball control
  • Shooting
  • Passing & seeing options in-game
  • Working in tight spaces
  • Agility & athletic stability
  • Creative play
  • Team play
  • Creative set pieces

Register for the soccer clinic here


Preseason Wrestling Clinic

Summers at LREI’s offers a one-week Preseason Wrestling clinic. The wrestling clinic is an opportunity for athletes, ages 10 to 13, to learn the basic concepts of wrestling, develop and enhance their wrestling skills, and compete. The program will focus on helping wrestlers learn takedowns, escapes, top control and tumbling while developing overall fitness, agility and athleticism.

Areas of focus will include:
– Grappling
– Defensive Wrestling
– Chain Wrestling
– Finishing moves
– Athletic Stamina
– Strategy

Register for the wrestling clinic here.

Story Makers

Story Makers is offered to campers ages 9-13 during Session 2: July 8 – July 19

Camp Season Program Description

Story makers is an engineering inspired creative workshop for young storytellers.

Through construction, design, coding and art projects, students will have a chance to approach storytelling from a “Maker mindset” to uncover new possibilities as authors.

This camp consists of a series of creative writing projects prompted by and created alongside a variety of Maker projects. Campers will craft, design, tinker, engineer and build a variety of physical objects as a way of exploring alternative approaches to their writing.

Projects might include but are not limited to coding animations and games, stop motion animation, cardboard automata, simple wearable circuits and a variety of engineering challenges.

With an emphasis on exploration, skill sharing, observation and creative problem solving students will sketch, measure , cut, glue and make original stories from the materials around them. The session will culminate in an Imaginarium where students will share their work and the creative processes that brought them about.

Daily Schedule:

Time & Location
Story Makers Specialty camp takes place at our Sixth Avenue campus (272 Sixth Avenue).  It meets Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm.  A hot lunch is provided Monday-Thursday; we ask that campers bring a bag lunch on Fridays.

Field Trip and Friday Share Schedule:
Story Makers will make chaperoned off-site trips as dictated by the needs of their individual and group projects.
Additionally, on the first Friday of the session, students wi

Field Trip Schedule 2019: 

Session Two:
Friday, July 12th: Improv-4-Kids
Friday, July 19th: Urban Air Trampoline Park

Teacher Bio

Adrian Jevicki is a Brooklyn based dance, theater, performance and video artist and an educator. Internationally, he has worked with the Kyoto­b ased Kyoryukan, a theater collective that creates original works mixing puppetry and dance­/theater under the direction of Peter Golightly. Locally, he has performed with such groups and artists as Pablo Helguera, Angie Eng, Angie Waller, Jamal Jackson, Collision Theory, (in)Parantheses Theater Company, Jill Samuels, Erica Fae, Elke Rindfliesch, Glass Contraption, Gabriel Forestieri (projectLimb), Rachel Cohen (RaCoCo Productions), Olek, and others. He has presented his original, collaboratively devised performance work at venues throughout New York City including: Touch, Microscope, apexart, Small Black Door, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Public Library, chashama, HATCH, Dixon Place, BAX, Spoke the Hub, Triskelion Arts, The Tank, The Brick, Irondale Center, Mary Anthony Dance Theater and nationally at University of Chicago and Trinity College. He received his MFA from Brooklyn College’s Performance and Interactive Media Arts program. He is currently the Educational Technology Coordinator at Pine Street School in downtown Manhattan.

Tens to Twelves Program Overview


Eights to Twelves   Eights to Twelves

Tens-Twelves Program Description

Ten-Twelves year-olds have the option of registering for a Homegroup or a Specialty Camp (open to 10-13 year-olds).  Children in the Tens are going into fifth grade in the fall, Elevens into sixth grade, and Twelves into seventh grade.

The camp day for 10-12s is 9:00am-4:00pm Monday through Friday. Registration is by two-week sessions.  The camp program for children in the Tens-Twelves includes organized activities and outdoor time with their Homegroups, Choice Classes which they select according to their interests, and weekly field trips.

Specialty Camps (including Musical Theater Workshop, Art, Robotics, Running Camp, Podcast City and Basketball ) are offered to Ten-Thirteens.  Visit the Specialty Camp section of this website for more details.

When registering, parents choose a Homegroup for their child. A Homegroup is a consistent place, team of teachers, and group of children that meet over the course of camp.

Homegroup Time

Homegroup time  Homegroup time

Homegroup room doors open at 8:50am. Activities are set up throughout the room in order to engage children in the beginning of the camp day. The camp day starts with a Morning Meeting shortly after 9:00am. Since campers come from many different schools, Morning and Afternoon Meetings are focused on activities that help them get to know one another and to build a sense of community.  Meeting time may include games, a chance to share thoughts and ideas, and a discussion of the camp day.  Other activities with the Homegroup include “Think Tank,” an opportunity for campers to generate group projects, In/Outdoor Games and Arts and Crafts.

A healthy, tasty lunch is served in the cafeteria Monday through Thursday.  Following lunch, recess takes place at Houston Ballfield, Downing Street Park, in our Physical and Performing Arts Space, or in Homegroup rooms.

Choice Classes

Choice Classes   Choice Classes

Campers select three choice classes which meet for an hour each on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for the course of a two-week session (indicated on the schedule as Choice Class A, Choice Class B, and Choice Class C).  These classes are open to all children in Tens through Twelves Homegroups.  Classes are taught by Specialists, Heads, and select Associate Counselors.

ArtStudio3 small






Tens / Twelves: 2018 Choice Classes examples


Camp-Wide Wednesday Activities

Camp-Wide Wednesday Activities  Camp-Wide Wednesday Activities

Campers of all ages gather on Wednesday for a camp-wide activity such as a game or song, followed by mixed-age activities.  Campers may choose to participate in activities such as capture the flag, a clowning workshop, a sculpture project, or making a camp-wide disco.  This is a fun opportunity for children in different Homegroups to get to know each other, as well as for siblings to spend time together.  The second Wednesday of each session is a camp theme day such as “Block Party” or “Intergalactic Cafe” .  In addition to camp-wide activities related to the theme, each Homegroup decides how they will participate in the theme.  Wednesday afternoons are set aside for extended Homegroup projects, collaborations between groups, and activities related to the theme day.

Field Trips

Field Trips  Field Trips

On Fridays, the Tens through Twelves travel by air-conditioned chartered bus to locations such as the Bronx Zoo, LAVA Acrobatics and Trapeze Workshop, Governor’s Island, and Liberty Science Center.