Summers at LREI 2017

Summers at LREI 2017 dates are as follows:

Session 1: June 26-July 7

Session 2: July 10-July 21

Session 3: July 24-August 4

GENERAL REGISTRATION for all families will open on March 13th at 4pm.  Please sign up for our mailing list by clicking on the New Inquiries tab.

Sixth Avenue Campus programs run Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm.
Charlton Street Campus programs run Monday-Friday, 9am-4:15pm.
Nearly Fours
 (children turning four by January 1, 2018) are a half day program that meet 9am-1pm Monday-Thursday and 9am-4pm on Friday.
Fours (children turning four by August 1, 2017) and Fives (children entering Kindergarten in fall 2017) have the option of registering for a Half Day or Full Day program.

Sixth Avenue Campus: Homegroups
Nearly Fours Campers Turning 4 by January 1st, 2018
Half Day Fours
Full Day Fours
 Campers Turning 4 by August 1st, 2017
Half Day Fives
Full Day Fives
Campers Entering Kindergarten
Sixes Campers Entering 1st Grade
Sevens Campers Entering 2nd Grade
Eights Campers Entering 3rd Grade
Nines Campers Entering 4th Grade
Tens – Twelves Campers Entering 5th through 7th Grade
Charlton Street Campus: Specialty Camps
Musical Theater Workshop Campers aged 9 – 13
Photography (S1)
Portfolio Development (S2)
Handmade Furniture Designers (S3)
Campers aged 10 – 13



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