Fours/Fives Program Overview

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Children in our Full Day Fours/Fives program are turning four by July 31, 2021 or entering Kindergarten in the Fall. 

The camp program for children in the Four/Fives includes organized activities and outdoor play in their Homegroups, Homegroup “Focus” times, and Choice Classes which they select according to their interests.

A Homegroup is a consistent place, team of teachers, and group of children that meet over the course of camp. When registering, parents choose a Homegroup with a specific “Focus” that best suits their child’s interests. This “Focus” will drive some of the games and activities Homegroups experience during their time together.

Four/Fives Program Description

Homegroup Time

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When registering, parents choose a Homegroup for their child. A Homegroup is a consistent place, team of teachers, and group of children that meet over the course of camp. Homegroup room doors open at 8:50am. Activities are set up throughout the room in order to engage children in the beginning of the camp day.

Since children in Little Red Summer Camp come from many different schools, morning meetings are an important time for campers to get to know each other and to establish a safe sense of community in the Homegroup. The meeting may include a song or game, time to discuss what will be happening during the day, and time for campers to share their thoughts and ideas.

Activities on the schedule such as Arts and Crafts or Outdoor Play take place with the Homegroup as will a dedicated time each day for the group’s “focus”. We use the Downing Street Park and our rubberized rooftop play area for outdoor activities. Groups may occasionally use the sprinklers, so we ask that campers keep a change of clothes and a swimming suit at camp.

Lunch for Four/Fives is provided Monday-Friday, and served in the Homegroup room. All ages have a snack of pretzels, cheese, fruit, water, and juice throughout the day.

Rest and Story Time or Quiet Play is simply an opportunity for children to quiet their senses without the demands of a structured activity. Some children may rest, while others may look at books, draw, or play quietly.

The camp day is closed by Afternoon Meeting, during which campers have a chance to reflect on the day and talk about what to expect for the next day.

Choice Classes

Prior to the session, Campers and their families will choose Choice Class Bundles which are predetermined sets of two choice classes (indicated as “Choice A,” and “Choice B,”). Choice Classes meet consistently on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for an hour each day for the course of a two-week session. The classes are taught by Specialists and Head Counselors.

Different Choice Class Bundles are offered each session.

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Theme Wednesday Activities

Every Wednesday camp adopts a specific theme. On the second Wednesday of the session, as camp doors open, campers will find themselves transported into a whole new environment. Theme Wednesdays provide Homegroups a great opportunity to work together and use their “Focus” to share and participate in a larger shared experience. Past theme favorites have included “The Shrinking Machine,” “Little Red Rocket Ship” or “Beach Day.”

Fives Field Trips

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All Fives, including those registered for Half Day Fives Homegroups, attend camp for a full day from 9:00am-400pm once a week for a field trip. Trips take place on Fridays.

We take air-conditioned, chartered buses to age-appropriate locations for activities that are educational and lots of fun. Our priority is to take trips that give campers the opportunity to be in a natural setting or a museum worth exploring as a group. In order to maintain a very safe adult to camper ratio, Specialists accompany home groups as additional adults on field trips. For Fives on trips we maintain a 1 to 4 counselor to camper relationship.  For this reason, we do not ask for parents or caregivers to accompany groups on trips.

Half Day and Full Day Fives Field Trip Schedule 2020:

Session One:
Friday, June 26th: Tear Drop Park

Session Two:
Friday, July 10th: Alstede Farms
Friday, July 17th: Staten Island Children’s Museum

Session Three:
Friday, July 24th: Victorian Gardens
Friday, August 2nd: End of Camp Celebration/Share

Fives Choice Classes

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Choice Classes take place every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for a two-week session. Classes are selected during registration.

Half Day Fives choose one class from Block B, Full Day Fives choose one class from Block A, one from B, and one from C.

2018 Choice Classes: