Ten-Twelves Choice Classes: Session 1

Eights-Twelves Choice Classes Eights-Twelves Choice Classes

Tens through Twelves take Choice Classes together that meet Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays for one hour.

2018 Choice Classes Examples (2019 TBA)

 Session 1

Block A: 9:30-10:30

Modern Masters (Matt Mahler) Be inspired by the most recognizable artists of the last 150 years in this creative choice class. We will look to artworks by recognizable artists including Picasso, Warhol, and Frida Kahlo for inspiration, and then create our own masterpieces using paint, oil pastel, collage, printmaking and even sculpture techniques.

Intermediate Chess (David Rigo) Calling all chess masters! In this class students will have a refresher on the rules and fundamentals of chess and be introduced to basic chess tactics and endgames. This is a great class for students who know how the pieces move, but might want a little review and a chance to hone their skills.

Flag Football (Woobens Celony) The Superbowl is over and the new season has yet to begin, so it’s time for the true football fans to show what they got! Campers will have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of football (tackling not included), including teamwork, route running and even basic offensive and defensive schemes. Each class will even feature a full game of flag football. By the end of the class, we will be witnessing the next generation of football superstars!

Scavenger Hunt Selfie (James Miner) A modern twist on the classic scavenger hunt. At the start of each class, teams will be given a list of tasks to perform throughout camp: “Hold a living creature”; “Find the Face of Many Colors”; “Disguise your team”. Once the task is complete, snap a selfie! No evidence? No points! At the end of class, team selfies will be shared, points will be awarded, and laughs will be had.

Block B: 1:30-2:30

Daily Elective (TBA) Daily Elective is an hour-long workshop where Tens-Twelves and Specialty Camp campers choose from three rotating activity options. The activities are offered at our 40 Charlton Street campus, and change each day to include a Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Sports/Games choice.

Block C: 2:30-3:30

Light Art (Adrian Jevicki) The LED (Light Emitting Diode) will be our art material of choice in this class. We will make objects, cards and paintings all featuring LED’s. In this class we will have fun, make art, and learn a little about electricity while we’re at it.

Checkmate (David Rigo) Are you ready to take your chess game to the next level? This class will focus on checkmate patterns, and solidifying the concepts of check and checkmate. This is a good class for students who are comfortable with rules of chess.

Get Up to Get Down (Danielle Staropoli) Dance dance dance! This class will explore many aspects of dance technique including flexions and extensions, limb rotations, stretch, swings, bends and twists, plus control in balance (two feet, one foot, other body points). We will use our new techniques to collaborate in improvisations, while inventing original movements in response to music, images, words and ideas.

Lacrosse Skills (Matt Mahler) What was once a game played by Native Americans has become one of the fastest growing sports across the country. If you’ve ever been at all interested in learning a little more about this game, then this is your chance. Campers can expect to learn basic rules of the game as well as develop stick skills in this exciting, fast paced game for both boys and girls.

Trivia Town (Norah Roderick) Every day we’ll play a different style of trivia game. Game shows, board games, and pop quizzes will all serve as inspiration and we’ll take turns answering and creating trivia questions. No subject is off limits and everyone will have a chance to learn as well as show off their knowledge.