Sixes / Sevens Choice Classes: Session 2

Session 2 : 

Sixes and Sevens take Choice Classes together which meet Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for an hour.

Sixes Choice Classes Sixes Choice Classes


2018 Choice Classes Examples (2019 TBA)

Block A: 10:30-11:30

Gaga (Woobens Celony) The classic camp game is back! For those who don’t know, Gaga is a version of dodgeball that promotes friendly competition in a safe form, while still giving campers an opportunity to run around and use their bodies. Don’t let the ball hit your feet, or you are out! Gaga players use all of their intellect, speed and skills. Are you up for the challenge?

Forget the Paintbrush! (Cody Rae Knue) Have you ever felt that paintbrushes are too limiting? In this class, we’ll explore how to make paintings using unusual and wacky items.  We’ll test out the kinds of textures, shapes, and marks that are made when we use different types of tools such as potatoes, spray bottles, combs, and more! Campers will combine and build their own “brushes” to create their personal and collaborative paintings.

Terrific Teddy Bears (Calla Kennedy) Terrific Teddy Bears is a fantastic opportunity for campers to make a brand new stuffie! We will first design our stuffie with markers on paper, then cut and sew our lovable creations, adding details, outfits and accessories, ending in a Teddy Bear party!

Karate (Vinnie Barile) An introduction to the basic moves and ideas of Karate. Activities will focus on building strength, flexibility, coordination, and spatial awareness.

Dance for the Camera (Danielle Staropoli) Students in this class will be dancers, choreographers and cinematographers as they design, perform and help produce their own dance films. As we work on our films, we will learn ways of framing movement and putting forth an idea using the body and lens. Films will be screened in a final share for other campers on the last day of class.

My Big Art Book (Noah Furman) In this choice class, campers will make their very own art books, filled with creations made from drawing, painting and printmaking techniques. Campers will design and create their very own books, learning about bookbinding. We will try different ways of making images, including collograph prints, foam prints, and even prints made from fruits and veggies!


Block B: 1:30-2:30

Live Action RPG (Woobens Celony) Have you ever wanted to be the hero of a fantasy tale but never had the chance? Well now you do! By taking on another perspective and living in a story, we will choose a universe to play in and assume a new identity. Learn the basics of roleplaying games as we take the game into the real world, by creating a character, getting gear, and having adventures!

Bake a Rainbow! (Annie Perales) Who doesn’t love eating colorful treats? In this class, campers will gain a sense of responsibility, collaboration, and creativity by making and baking a variety of rainbow colored goods. We will be making recipes such as red velvet cupcakes, lemon bars, and some new recipes of our own!

Basketball Basics (TBA) Meet us on the court, where we will hone our passing, shooting and dribbling skills.  After practicing the basics, we will try out some game play, while developing good sportsmanship and teamwork strategies.  We will also make time for fun basketball games like Knock Out, Horse and others!

Young Dancemakers (Danielle Staropoli) Through guided explorations and games, students will create their own unique movement vocabulary, thus leading to an original piece of choreography. Students will learn how to give and receive constructive feedback and make revisions to their work to be performed and shared.

Top Chef Creations (TBA) Do you love to cook? Bake? Decorate? Do you think you have what it takes to take an ordinary dish like pancakes and make it extraordinary? Then join us as each class we take the top chef challenge and learn to cook a variety of treats with our own creative twist!

Will it Fly? (TBA) We will design paper airplanes, parachutes, kites, use balloons and bubbles…! Each class will be dedicated to creating a unique flying contraption out of various light-weight materials, and then testing them both inside and outside.

Recycled Creations (Noah Furman) How can what we throw away be re-used, reclaimed and repurposed to make something new and unique? In this choice class we will take a second look at materials like cardboard, plastic, paper, and foil and try making collage, bricolage, and assemblage. Working from making relief sculptures and moving into three dimensions, we will find ways to bring these materials to life!


Block C: 2:30-3:30

Mini Mimes (Andy Hunter) Do you like to use your body more than your words? Then join us for a mini mime extravaganza! This class is a fun twist on a French classic. We’ll explore the world of mime as we use our imagination to lift invisible cars, juggle invisible swords, and of course, get ourselves trapped in invisible boxes!

Fashion Forward (Hannah Galgiani) Here is your opportunity to become a real fashion designer! In this class we will design shirts, bags and accessories and use different materials to craft elaborate outfits. At the end of the two weeks we will have a fashion show for other campers to share what we’ve created! If you like to get messy and express your style with fabric paint, tie-dye and more – come join us at Fashion Forward.

Tiny Animal Worlds (Vicky Sideropoulos) Calling all animal lovers! In this class, each camper will pick an animal, either real or imaginary, and create a mini habitat for it to live and play in. First we will design and make our animals out of clay. Then we will work on creating the animal’s habitat with a variety of different materials including shoe boxes, moss, string, leaves and twigs. The class will conclude with a camper-led mini Natural History Museum!

Rebuild. Reboot. Robots! (Cody Rae Knue) Let’s get building! We’ll activate our engineering skills to transform cardboard boxes and other recyclables into life-size robots. Together we’ll problem solve ways of building our new friends as big as us. We’ll incorporate foil, different shaped cardboard, and paint to decorate them.

Backyard Games (TBA) Campers will learn to work as a team, form strategy, practice agility, and have fun as they learn backyard games such as Spud, Steal the Bacon, Capture the Flag, Kickball, and Giants, Wizards, and Elves. Campers will have the opportunity to invent their own games using various materials such as cones, balls, flags, etc.

Intermediate Chess (David Rigo) Calling all chess masters! In this class students will have a refresher on the rules and fundamentals of chess and be introduced to basic chess tactics and endgames. This is a great class for students who know how the pieces move, but might want a little review and a chance to hone their skills.

Adventure Playground! (TBA) Jump, run, and play as we explore a different neighborhood playground for each class.