Fours Choice Classes: Session 3

Session 3:  

All Fours groups have a Morning Arts Block from 9:30-10:30, when art, movement, and science specialist teachers visit Homegroups on a rotating schedule.  Morning Arts Block and Choice Classes meet Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for an hour.

Full Day Fours select one Choice Class from Block B.  Nearly Fours and Half Day Fours do not select a Block B Choice Class.

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2018 Choice Classes Examples (2019 TBA)

Block B: 1:30-2:30  Full Day Fours only

Imagination Movers (Janine Bickoff) Have you ever swum with fish on the ocean floor, danced on the moon or transformed into a lion in the jungle? In Imagination Movers, campers will transform themselves and the space using their imaginations. We will use music, ribbons, dots, stars and our bodies to create and travel together to new worlds.

Without a Paintbrush (Jaryn Stewart) Who says we need a paintbrush to paint? Using only our hands, we will paint with wild abandon, creating personal masterpieces along the way. It’s amazing what our fingers can accomplish—plus, paint feels really cool on our hands, too!