Fives Choice Classes: Session 2

Session 2 :

Choice Classes meet Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for an hour.

Fives Choice Classes Fives Choice Classes

2018 Choice Classes Examples (2019 TBA)

Fort Wonderland (Shanna Silien) Campers will use cardboard, fabric, and furniture to transform their surroundings into a fort wonderland – perhaps the fort is under the sea, or up in a tree! We will work together and use our imaginations to build creative spaces to play games, tell stories, and more.

Let’s go on an Adventure! (Annie Perales) Do you love exploring and discovering new things? Do you consider yourself an adventurer? In this interactive choice class, we will be creating our own imaginary world and going on various expeditions like safaris, scavenger hunts, treasure hunts, and more!

Tag Games Galore (TBA) Get active and have fun in Tag Games!! Campers will enjoy chasing one another in old classics such as All-Is-It and Fishy-Fishy, and Ship Shore. Tag Games will provide a perfect space for active kids to exercise while also giving more reserved children a space to get out of their comfort zone. Games will help garner skills in teamwork and trying new things, giving campers a unique fun and enlightening experience!

Beginner Chess (David Rigo) Welcome to the wonderful world of chess! Students will learn the rules of the game and develop an understanding of opening principles and strategies. This is a great class for someone who has never played before, so come try something new!

Adventure Playground! (TBA) Jump, run, and play as we explore a different neighborhood playground for each class.


Block B: 10:30-11:30 Half Day and Full Day Fives 

Let’s Save the Day! (Denzel Johnson) Camp is such a big place, and we need some Super Friends to help others out! In this class, campers will come together and see what we can do to help our camp community. We will explore our creativity, work together and problem solve. C’mon…LREI needs your help!!

Everything Engineers (Norah Roderick) What is an engineer? What kinds of things do they build and create? We’ll work together to explore how trains operate and run on schedule, how to build different machines, and what goes into planning a city by creating imaginary cities of our own.

Lions, Tigers, and Bears Oh My! (Jaryn Stewart) After reading fantastical stories, campers will get to dress up and let their imaginations take over as they create their own mystical worlds. One day a tiger, the next a pirate—the possibilities are endless!

Soccer (TBA) GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! We’ll practice passing, shooting and blocking, while learning about the different positions and even some game strategy. Sportsmanship and teamwork will be encouraged when we take the field in friendly competition.

Intermediate Chess (David Rigo) Calling all chess masters! In this class students will have a refresher on the rules and fundamentals of chess and be introduced to basic chess tactics and endgames. This is a great class for students who know how the pieces move, but might want a little review and a chance to hone their skills.


Block C: 2:30-3:30 Full Day Fives Only

Touchable Rainbows (Alyssa Keene) Did you know rainbows are not only beautiful to look at but fun to touch? We will get messy and colorful in this hands-on sensory color experience. From shaving cream art to rainbow slime, we combine science and sensory fun to look at colors in a whole new way.

Little Engineers (Dawn Brown)  This class will inspire young engineers to build and create new and exciting structures. We will read books and look at real life construction projects for inspiration. Projects include building bridges with blocks, creating roller coasters out of straws, and making buildings using marshmallows and toothpicks. We will also use wikki sticks, legos and popsicle sticks and more!

Sensory Serenity (Diandra Hansen) Students will have different tactile messy play experiences each class. They will interact with sensory bins, water play, making their own playdough, slime, moon sand, calming jars, stress balls etc. The objective of the class is for children to use their imagination, support their social interactions, and build their fine and gross motor skills in new and fun ways.

Young Yogis (Danielle Staropoli) In this lively yoga class, young yogis will start with sun salutations and get into a deeper practice with partner poses and inversions like L dog and flipping dog. We will play fun yoga games and breathe through deeper poses like side plank and lizard pose, ending each class in a restful savasana.

Tea-Rex (Caitlin Marz) Inspired by Smriti Prasadam Halls’ T-Veg, this reptilian function invites all dinosaurs to come as they are. After donning tails and scales, campers will work together to make and eat no-bake vegetarian treats and herbal iced teas. While we dine we will read dinosaur and tea party themed stories. Claws up!