Eight / Nines Choice Classes: Session 1

Session 1 : June 25th-July 6th

Eights and Nines take Choice Classes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays for an hour per class.

2018 Choice Classes Examples (2019 TBA)

Block A: 9:30-10:30

Drum Building (Ryan Clinesmith) Campers will get to make drums out of various materials, from cardboard to wood and more. We will experiment with what materials make what sounds, and what makes the most effective drum, all coming together at the end for a drum circle. We will practice planning and perseverance, as well as teamwork and imagination.  

Basketballpalooza (Denzel Johnson) In this Basketball class, campers will work on building skills as well as inventing fun and wacky basketball themed games. This class combines teaching and running basic basketball that develop an understanding of the game, along with drills that bring out the silliness and wackiness that make camp so much fun.

Modern Masters (Matt Mahler) Be inspired by the most recognizable artists of the last 150 years in this creative choice class. We will look to artworks by recognizable artists including Picasso, Warhol, and Frida Kahlo for inspiration, and then create our own masterpieces using paint, oil pastel, collage, printmaking and even sculpture techniques.

Intermediate Chess (David Rigo) Calling all chess masters! In this class students will have a refresher on the rules and fundamentals of chess and be introduced to basic chess tactics and endgames. This is a great class for students who know how the pieces move, but might want a little review and a chance to hone their skills.


Block B: 1:30-2:30

Mosaic Makers (Noah Furman) In this class, campers will explore the art of mosaic, learning all about how to construct images from small pieces into a greater whole. Using found objects, things we find in nature, and wood, we will make beautiful and bedazzling mosaic masterpieces. Starting small and moving up in scale to make collaborative mosaic imagery of plants, animals, and whatever else our imaginations lead us to.

Weird Science (TBA) Meet us in the lab where we will conduct a variety of fun and interesting science experiments!  We will make weird substances like oobleck, mix up playdough from scratch, and build our own volcanoes before making them erupt!  

Basketball (TBA) Learn how to dribble, pass and shoot a basketball! If you already have experience in basketball, this is a good class for you too because it will be a fun way to practice the skills that make basketball more fun to play! We will practice basketball skills with fun drills and games that will keep our bodies moving and our brains engaged!


Block C: 2:30-3:30

Undercover Camper (Woobens Celony) Learn the art of stealth from a self-proclaimed Undercover mentor! We will craft disguises, crack codes, and become one with the shadows. Campers can expect to play games such as person-hunt and Spy vs Spy, as well as being tasked with missions to find objects hidden around the camp! Only when they have become masters of stealth will the Undercover Campers be able to challenge the mentor to the ultimate game of hide and seek!

Light Art (Adrian Jevicki) The LED (Light Emitting Diode) will be our art material of choice in this class. We will make objects, cards and paintings all featuring LED’s. In this class we will have fun, make art, and learn a little about electricity while we’re at it.

Checkmate (David Rigo) Are you ready to take your chess game to the next level? This class will focus on checkmate patterns, and solidifying the concepts of check and checkmate. This is a good class for students who are comfortable with rules of chess.

Get Up to Get Down (Danielle Staropoli) Dance dance dance! This class will explore many aspects of dance technique including flexions and extensions, limb rotations, stretch, swings, bends and twists, plus control in balance (two feet, one foot, other body points). We will use our new techniques to collaborate in improvisations, while inventing original movements in response to music, images, words and ideas.