COVID 19 Response

While camp will still be the place we know and love, a place where children can grow, make friends, and try a variety of classes in a curiosity driven and nurturing environment, there will be some changes to the 2021 season in response to the COVID pandemic.  Please note that COVID regulations are relaxing in NYC. We will allow masks to be optional for vaccinated counselors and all campers while with their pods. They will, however, need to wear their masks during arrival, pick up, and during transitions to the park or a choice class, or anywhere else they may encounter someone who is not in their pod. If you would prefer your camper to be masked at all times, please let the Head Counselor know on the first day.

  • Homegroups will be slightly smaller to accommodate for safer social distancing while in homegroup rooms. 
  • In an effort to create a more pod-like environment and minimize the mixing of large numbers of children, we will be offering choice class bundles as opposed to individual choice classes. These bundles will be sets of two choice classes of which there will be a variety of combinations to select from. 
  • This summer, each homegroup will have it’s own focus which could range from movement, to table-top games, to crafting. While all Homegroups will experience a variety of activities throughout each session, the focus represents a period of time each day  when campers engage in activities that align with the homegroup focus. This means that when you register for the season, you will also be choosing your camper’s homegroup focus. It will be possible to change homegroups from session to session.
  • We will not be offering specialty camps this season.
  • We will not be going on any field trips that involve busing or mass transit. We will roam as far as our legs can carry us!
  • We will not be able to offer our extended day service. The camp day will end for all campers at 4pm.
  • Should a homegroup need to quarantine due to a COVID19  regulations, affected families would be offered a prorated credit to a following session or 2022 season of Summers at LREI.
  •  We will not require covid testing of campers unless they are experiencing symptoms.
  • We are following all current CDC and NY City and State travel guidelines (see below). These are continually changing so please continue to refer to this page.
  • Families must complete a daily health screening before coming to camp.

Any International Travel (regardless of CDC risk level) must be cleared to come to camp by the nursing team.