Sixes / Sevens Field Trips

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All Homegroups take a field trip once a week. Trips take place on Fridays, except for the last trip of the season, which is Wednesday, August 6th.

We take air-conditioned, chartered buses to age-appropriate locations for activities that are educational and lots of fun. Our priority is to take trips that give campers the opportunity to be in a natural setting or a museum worth exploring as a group. In order to maintain a very safe adult to camper ratio, Specialists accompany home groups as additional adults on field trips. For Sixes on trips we maintain a 1 to 4, to 1 to 5 counselor to camper relationship. For this reason, we do not ask for parents or caregivers to accompany groups on trips.


Sixes and Sevens: Field Trip Schedule 2017

Session One:
June 30th: Central Park Zoo and Carousel
July 7th: Transit Museum and Park

Session Two:
July 14th: Legoland
July 21st: New York Hall of Science

Session Three:
July 28th: Victorian Gardens
August 2nd: Block Party