Fives Choice Classes: Session 3


Session 3 : July 24th – August 4th

Choice Classes meet Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for an hour.

Fives Choice Classes Fives Choice Classes


2017 Choice Classes

Block A: 9:30-10:30 Full Day Fives Only

Superhero Camp (Denzel JohnsonIn Superhero Camp, we will explore the wonderful and creative world of superheroes. We will read age-appropriate stories about heroes and see how they use their superpowers to help others. We will also create our own superhero personas using costumes and story-telling and explore the camp, offering our superhero help to all!

Will it Fly? (Naomi ClarkWe will design paper airplanes, parachutes, kites, use balloons and bubbles…! Each class will be dedicated to creating a unique flying contraption out of various, lightweight materials and then test run them both inside and outside.

OOOOOPS! (Cody Rae KnueLet’s combine our inner scientist and artist to discover new ways of making art! Together, we’ll explore ways of making paintings without a paintbrush, what happens when we combine materials into fizzy and foaming artworks, create and play with slime, and make up new wacky experiments. This will be a colorful, slimy, and sensory filled class!

Ballet (Lara G MahlerHave you ever dreamt of gliding across a stage like a ballet dancer – floating, spinning, leaping and sharing your special talents with friends? In this ballet class we will learn basic ballet positions and movements using ribbons, scarves, and shapes, and will share our dancing with campers and counselors during an invited performance at the end of the session.


Block B: 10:30-11:30 Half Day and Full Day Fives 

Little Red Safari (Alyssa KeeneLions, tigers and bears, oh my! Campers will create their own safari adventure, complete with animals, tour guides and exotic habitats. We will read stories, sing songs, and explore!

Fort Making (Naomi Clark) Ever build a fort in your house, but wished you had more friends to help you build and play? In this class we will brainstorm different types of forts and fort-making techniques, then decide on a few to build, using different materials and testing their strength as we go. We’ll explore our individual forts, then collaborate on a fort large enough for all of us to fit inside!

Little Red Bakery (Ari Puleo) Do you love the smell of fresh baked goods? Join us in the Little Red Bakery and learn what it takes to create that delicious smell. We will learn how to bake different kinds of baked goods (being aware of different food allergies, of course). We will make breads like banana, zucchini, and apple-cinnamon, and muffins like blueberry and sweet potato, sugar cookies, and more! Campers will learn which ingredients are found in each, and which ingredients make every recipe unique.

Rainbow Smoothies (Lara G Mahler) Join our team of smoothie chefs as we slice and dice our favorite fruit and combine it with the most delicious juice. We will whip up some classic combinations, and even experiment with our own flavor variations!

Tag Games Galore (Jake Tiner) Tag, you’re it! Campers will learn a variety of different types of the classic game tag. We will play blob tag, smurf tag, chain tag, dragon tag, water tag, freeze tag and so many more! Make friends and learn new games while staying active.


Block C: 2:30-3:30 Full Day Fives Only

Tea Time! (Christina Riffle) Did you ever pretend you were at a tea party? Or create your own tea party using imaginary props? In this choice class, campers will act out different stories surrounding tea time like Tea Time For Pirates by Richard Dungworth and The Tea Party By Mary Lou Van Atta. Campers will learn tea time etiquette during their very own tea party, use cookie cutters to make their own cucumber sandwiches and create a healthy menu while drinking delicious iced teas. Cheers!

Soccer (TBA) Do you love soccer? Do you want to learn the basics of how the game works? In this soccer class we will review basic skills, such as trapping, dribbling, passing and kicking in addition to playing fun, unique lead up games. Get ready to run, get ready to play, and get ready to have fun!

We Built This City (Dawn BrownLet’s have fun building a city, complete with bridges, tunnels, train tracks, parks, airports and more! It’s all up to your imagination. We will use wooden blocks, small and big legos, train tracks, tinker toys and more.

Messy Art (Henry RiceCampers will get messy and creative in Messy Art! We will make slime, paint with our fingers and toes, use shaving cream, and much more. Campers will push their own creativity in exploring different colors, textures, and materials. On top of the mess making, we will also learn valuable skills in cleaning up after ourselves, and revel in the process over product.