Fives Choice Classes: Session 2

Session 2 : July 10th – July 21st

Choice Classes meet Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for an hour.

Fives Choice Classes Fives Choice Classes

2017 Choice Classes

Block A: 9:30-10:30 Full Day Fives Only

Tiny Circus (Candice Groenke) Welcome to the Tiny Circus! Inspired by Alexander Calder and his work with mobiles, campers will be introduced to his work Cirque Calder. We will then explore and make our own moving mini-sculptures to create our own Tiny Circus. We will collaborate on creating a circus tent to showcase our mini acrobats and circus animals, clowns and tricks of all kinds. We’ll have a blast making and selling tickets to the show, and inviting other campers to come see the greatest show on earth!

Fort Making (Naomi Clark) Ever build a fort in your house, but wished you had more friends to help you build and play? In this class we will brainstorm different types of forts and fort-making techniques, then decide on a few to build, using different materials and testing their strength as we go. We’ll explore our individual forts, then collaborate on a fort large enough for all of us to fit inside!

Ballet (Lara G Mahler) Have you ever dreamt of gliding across a stage like a ballet dancer – floating, spinning, leaping and sharing your special talents with friends? In this ballet class we will learn basic ballet positions and movements using ribbons, scarves, and shapes, and will share our dancing with campers and counselors during an invited performance at the end of the session.

Bug Mania! (Ari PuleoIn Bug-Mania, campers will get a chance to explore bugs in so many bug-tastic ways! Together, we’ll design and play with our own bug themed bingo boards. We’ll also get to make bug fossils and exciting bug-themed arts and crafts that use different materials like paint, model magic, pipe cleaners, and even cheerios! Each class will open with a bug-themed read aloud and will close with bug movement games. Campers will use their imaginations, fine-motor skills, as well as their artistic abilities.

OOOOOPS! (Cody Rae Knue) Let’s combine our inner scientist and artist to discover new ways of making art! Together, we’ll explore ways of making paintings without a paintbrush, what happens when we combine materials into fizzy and foaming artworks, create and play with slime, and make up new wacky experiments. This will be a colorful, slimy, and sensory filled class!

Block B: 10:30-11:30 Half Day and Full Day Fives 

Let’s Save the Day! (Christina Riffle) With the help of our trusted campers, we will create characters and costumes, transforming ourselves into super human, superheroes. Campers will create a story for their character and explore costume ideas using different art materials and fabrics. Campers will be sent on challenges and work together to solve superhero mysteries. We will explore our creativity, work together and problem solve. Let’s save the day!

Sensory Science (Clara Campos) In this class we will explore the five senses through hands-on projects and experiments. We will SEE what happens when we put vinegar, baking soda, and food coloring all together in a test tube; make our own scented play dough and notice which SMELLS we like more or less; make a goopy, slimy mess with oobleck and experience what it FEELS like; play “What’s That Sound?” using various instruments, and the noises we HEAR in our environment; and have a TASTING party with sweet, salty, sour, and spicy goodies.

Mission Possible (Lara G Mahler) In this class, we will work together (to crack codes), eat snack (and then find buried treasure), and have fun with each other (carry out top secret missions all over camp, shhhh don’t tell!!). If you like to have fun, work as a team, and have a knack for stealth missions, this top secret choice is for you.

Fantastic Frames (Candice Groenke) Budding artists will have the freedom to explore different materials, using wood as their jumping off point. Campers will explore different shapes and thicknesses of wood, create a frame to fit their vision, and discover how sanding, cutting and painting can add layers to their artwork. We will collaborate on creating a museum to exhibit our works of art for the whole camp to enjoy.

Tag, You’re It! (Jake Tiner) Tag, you’re it! Campers will learn a variety of different types of the classic game tag. We will play blob tag, smurf tag, chain tag, dragon tag, water tag, freeze tag and so many more! Make friends and learn new games while staying active.

Block C: 1:30-2:30 Full Day Fives Only

Gym Stars! (Christina Riffle) Campers will learn gymnastics vocabulary and skills as they explore hopping, skipping, swinging, and more. Class begins with a fast paced warm up, and then divides into rotations to tumble, walk on the balance beam, and swing on the bars, building confidence and coordination. Campers will string together their new-found tumbling skills and share their sequences with other campers at the end of the session!

Pirates! (Samson Baker) Ahoy, maties! We’re looking for a few good buccaneers to join our ragtag crew as we set sail for distant lands in search of fun and adventure! We will design our own pirate costumes and tools, scour our surroundings for buried treasure, and learn some songs that celebrate the pirate’s life. We will also play movement games like fishy-fishy and ocean-shore-wave, fend off scurvy with some nutritious fruit snacks, and share our booty with our landlubber friends!

All About Me (Dawn Brown) We will read stories about children and their families from all over the world, and share ideas about what makes us special and unique. We will then create Reggio inspired splatter paint self portraits, family portraits, puppets, shadow boxes and more!

Circle Games (Alex Checkman) In this playful and active class children will work together to explore all sorts of games! We will play games like Sneaky Bead, Musical Chairs, Guess My Rule, discover who is hiding the bone in “Doggie, Doggie, Where’s Your Bone?” and do our best to freeze during freeze dance. If you like playing games this is the class for you!