Fives Choice Classes: Session 1

Session 1 : June 26th – July 7th

Choice Classes meet Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for an hour.

Fives Choice Classes Fives Choice Classes

2017 Choice Classes

Block A: 9:30-10:30  Full Day Fives Only

Fort Making (Naomi Clark) Ever build a fort in your house, but wished you had more friends to help you build and play? In this class we will brainstorm different types of forts and fort-making techniques, then decide on a few to build, using different materials and testing their strength as we go. We’ll explore our individual forts, then collaborate on a fort large enough for all of us to fit inside!

Ballet (Lara G Mahler) Have you ever dreamt of gliding across a stage like a ballet dancer – floating, spinning, leaping and sharing your special talents with friends? In this ballet class we will learn basic ballet positions and movements using ribbons, scarves, and shapes, and will share our dancing with campers and counselors during an invited performance at the end of the session.

Little Red Subway (Ari Puleo) Calling all subway riders! Together in Little Red Subway, each of us will get a chance to design our own subway line! But what would the subway be without MetroCards and trains? Don’t worry, we’ll get to make those, too! We’ll even get a chance to create our very own subway map, after taking a walking tour of the neighborhood around camp! Campers will use their imaginations, as well as practice their artistic abilities as they bring to life one of NYC’s most necessary forms of transportation.

Ahoy Matey (Candice Groenke) Campers will become the fiercest, the silliest, the most sea loving pirates of them all! We will work on designing and making our very own floating pirate ships and other small vessels that will float in quest of a hidden treasure. Campers will collaborate on making a treasure map and then set a sail to find that treasure!

Tag, You’re It! (Jake Tiner) Tag, you’re it! Campers will learn a variety of different types of the classic game tag. We will play blob tag, smurf tag, chain tag, dragon tag, water tag, freeze tag and so many more! Make friends and learn new games while staying active.


Block B: 10:30-11:30  Half Day and Full Day Fives 

Dancing Dragons (Christina Riffle) There are so many different kinds of Dragons, from mythical creatures to Chinese New Year dragons to real Komodo dragons. Campers will read and act out dragon-themed fables and poems, sing songs like “Puff the Magic Dragon”, play movement games like “Jump in the Moat” and create their own dragons by using various art materials.

Will it Fly? (Naomi Clark) We will design paper airplanes, parachutes, kites, use balloons and bubbles…! Each class will be dedicated to creating a unique flying contraption out of various, light-weight materials and then test run them both inside and outside.

Soccer (TBA) Do you love soccer? Do you want to learn the basics of how the game works? In this soccer class we will review basic skills, such as trapping, dribbling, passing and kicking in addition to playing fun, unique lead up games. Get ready to run, get ready to play, and get ready to have fun!

Treasure Hunters (Cody Rae Knue) Let’s hunt for treasure! We’ll search high and low around camp to find magical and unusual objects to make art and sculpture. We’ll use recyclable materials, plants, rocks – whatever we can find – and mix in fine art materials as well, transforming everyday objects into unlikely treasures that we can share with friends and family.

Little Red Post Office (Jake Tiner) Campers will learn about the post office and how it works, and then create our very own! We’ll figure out what roles our post office needs to be successful, create mailboxes, and advertise our services. Once our post office is up and running, we will deliver letters, pictures, packages and all other types of mail to our friends throughout camp.

Block C: 2:30-3:30 Full Day Fives Only

Lego City (Denzel JohnsonWelcome to the wonderful world of Lego! In this class we will design and build vehicles and buildings with our friends. We will discuss strategies for building stronger ships and better walls. The focus of this class is playing/interacting with others through the lego creations we build.

All About Animals (Samson BakerAre you an animal expert? Do you enjoy sharing what you know and learning even more about your favorite creatures? Well, then join us as we share, explore, play, and create all things animal. Through art projects and scientific explorations, we will discover what our favorite animals like to eat, where they live and how they behave, including some wild facts and amazing figures!

Dream Dwellings (Dawn Brown) Let’s explore caves, forts, houses and structures by creating and building our own to share and enjoy! We will use our imaginations, as well as mats, tents, sheets, chairs, blocks, and more to create the dwellings of our dreams.

Tag Games (Henry Rice) Get active and have fun in Tag Games!! Campers will enjoy chasing one another in old classics such as All-Is-It, Fishy-Fishy, and Ship to Shore. Tag Games will provide a perfect space for active kids to exercise while also giving more reserved children a space to get out of their comfort zone. Games will help garner skills in teamwork and trying new things, giving campers a unique, fun and enlightening experience!

Yoga Musical Adventure (Janine Bickoff) Have fun and listen to music while learning yoga! We will start with a deep breath flow through sun salutation to flipping your dog, tree pose, and boat pose, just to name a few. Get on your mat and let’s get moving! Each class will end with a restful savasana.