Eight / Nines Choice Classes: Session 1

Session 1 : June 26th-July 7th


Sevens and Sixes take Choice Classes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays for an hour per class.

2017 Choice Classes

Block A: 10:30-11:30

Radical Rainbows (Alyssa Keene) Using rainbows as our inspiration, we will create wearable art! We’ll use the colors of the rainbow to marbleize clay and make handmade beads for jewelry. We’ll also use yarn and finger knitting to create colorful scarves, belts and whatever else we can think of. Campers will practice design, math, and fine motor skills.

Papermaking (Mollie Flannery) Campers will explore the hands-on process of papermaking with a range of materials, from fabric to leaves. Embedding seeds, bark, string, and other textural fibers into our hand-made surfaces, we will experiment with sculpting the paper into molds, as well as using it as a painting surface. Made of biodegradable materials, the seed paper can be placed in soil to grow plants!

Gaga (Woobens Celony) The classic camp game is back! For those who don’t know, Gaga is a version of dodgeball that promotes friendly competition in a safe form, while still giving campers an opportunity to run around and use their bodies. Don’t let the ball hit your feet, or you are out! Gaga players use all of their intellect, speed and skills. Are you up for the challenge?

Build It! (Matt Mahler) Have you ever wanted to build a robot out of cardboard and tin foil? A building out of toothpicks? Your own arcade game out of recycled materials? In this construction/art class we will work with cardboard, paper, wire, clay, string, papier mache, paper clips, rubber bands, paper plates, toothpicks and more to see what kinds of structures we can invent and build. If you can think it, you can build it!

Messy Scientists (Norah Turnham Roderick) Bam! Whoosh! Ew! Let’s get messy! We’ll combine common household materials – and maybe a few special ingredients – to explore messy chemistry. Elephant toothpaste, vinegar painting and, of course, classics like oobleck will all be part of the fun mess we create together.

Ballet (Lara G Mahler) Have you ever dreamt of gliding across a stage like a ballet dancer – floating, spinning, leaping and sharing your special talents with friends? In this ballet class we will learn basic ballet positions and movements using ribbons, scarves, and shapes, and will share our dancing with campers and counselors during an invited performance at the end of the session.

Magical Creatures (Candice Groenke) What might a cross between a cat and owl look like? What if a unicorn and butterfly magically became one? How about a beatle and an elephant? Campers will have the delight of coming up with fantastical creatures made of wood and a variety of art materials. Using their imagination, energy and laughter, we’ll come up with all sorts of amazing creatures with wiggly parts, colors, and creative designs.


Block B: 1:30-2:30

Treasure Hunters (James Miner) Campers work in small groups to decipher clues that lead them to a secret treasure. Clues hidden throughout camp will task children with challenges in the form of puzzles, riddles, maps, and physical acts of strength and agility. At the completion of each class, campers will have discovered a piece to the “final clue”. Once all six pieces have been found, campers will be able to locate the treasure and share it’s secrets!

Tiny Worlds (Clara Campos) In this construction/art class, we will create “tiny worlds” using our big imaginations. Projects will include hidden gnome homes, an aquarium for small critters to enjoy, and mouse museums. Materials will include boxes, wood, cork, string, twine, buttons, and many other tiny things perfect for building tiny worlds!

Mystery Kitchen (Naomi Clark) Can you taste something and guess what it is? Come train your palette in this fun cooking class where we taste new mystery ingredients each class and make something fun and delicious!

Dodgeball Challenge (Alex Checkman) Campers will learn the basic rules of dodgeball and the honor system. They will then learn a variety of dodgeball games such as switch sides, doctor dodgeball, sector dodgeball, and more! After learning a variety of games, campers will work together to create their own dodgeball games to share.

Cosmic Cantina (Adrian Jevicki) Part snack lounge, part tv show, part meeting place for interstellar aliens (and humans!), it’s the number 1 cafe on Mars, the Cosmic Cantina! Cosmic Cantina is a class where imaginative play and creative snack making (and eating) come together to create the most intergalactic camp class this side of the Milky Way. We will make glowing masks, bubbly drinks, mini edible rocket ships, and learn about the alien worlds we come from as we bring the Cosmic Cantina to life on the (little) Red Planet!

Gaga (TBAThis summer camp favorite is a below-the-knee version of dodgeball, where players bat a ball around an enclosed space while doing their best to avoid it touching their legs! Kids will explore the many versions of the ever-popular game. After learning gaga variations, campers will work to invent their own rules!

Will it Fly? (TBA) We will design paper airplanes, parachutes, kites, use balloons and bubbles…! Each class will be dedicated to creating a unique flying contraption out of various, lightweight materials and then test run them both inside and outside.


Block C: 2:30-3:30

Young Jedis (Candice Groenke) Campers will use The Force to create a variety of battleships from the Star Wars series. The young Jedis will have different wooden materials, shapes and attachments to choose from when constructing Tie Fighters, X-Wings, Star Destroyers and of course, the mighty Millennium Falcon, to name a few. Campers will practice their problem solving skills during their construction and be able to paint and embellish their space crafts how they see fit.

Minecraft Movement! (Christina Riffle) Minecraft is all the rage, so why not bring it to life? Campers will paint cardboard boxes to build “houses” and will develop their own characters. They will tap into their creativity and work together with friends, to bring their ideas to life. We will dial into “Adventure Mode” and make real custom maps to help with the personalized quests we have created.  Put on your creativity cap on and let’s get exploring.

Art in Action (Naomi Clark) In this action-packed art class we will use anything but a paintbrush to create our masterpieces. We will work together to splatter, drip, roll and stamp our canvases creating works both large and small.

Backyard Games (Dylan Smock) Campers will learn to work as a team, form strategy, practice agility, and have fun as they learn backyard games such as Spud, Steal the Bacon, Capture the Flag, Kickball, and Giants, Wizards, and Elves. Campers will then invent their own games using various materials such as cones, balls, flags, etc.

Rainbow Smoothies (Lara G Mahler) Join our team of smoothie chefs as we slice and dice our favorite fruit and combine it with the most delicious juice. We will whip up some classic combinations, and even experiment with our own flavor variations!

Stuffed Creatures (Calla Kennedy) In Stuffed Creatures, we will be designing and creating our own stuffies. Campers will begin by drawing an initial design, then move through the process by assembling their new stuffed creature with assorted fabric, cotton, and an array of accessories.

Karaoke Party (Tara McLaughlin) If you like to sing along to your favorite songs and unleash your hidden music star, Karaoke Party is the choice for you. Through the exploration of music, singing and performing, campers will make a list of their favorite songs and perform them with a real microphone to an audience of friends. We will dress up and use props too! Our main goal is to have fun and create a safe space where campers feel comfortable expressing themselves through music. Additional projects during the session will include a group effort to create new lyrics to our favorite songs. The final class will be an open invitation to other campers to join our Karaoke experience!